Monday, January 17, 2022

Two Brandon Businesses on Front Street in the late 1930s

The Meissner Garage on Front Street

Clarence Johnson is standing near the gas pump with Albert Meissner  on the other side.  At one time this was a blacksmith shop owned by James Larson and later John Smith.  At the present time this would be where the Austin Lehn building is.  To the rear you can see a corner of Cooty's Station

Cooty's Station was located where our present water tower is standing. 

To the left you can see the back of the Meissner Garage, which is now the Austin Lehn building.  Standing in front of the station is Cooty ( Richard ) Rogney, the son of Theodore & Tina Rogney, who ran the Rogney Cafe.

Dolly ( Lorraine ) Rogney and her brother Cooty ( Richard ) Rogney standing in front of the new Brandon Auditorium.


Sunday, January 9, 2022

Jacob and Johanna Tamble lost their ten year old son James, in a tragic accident.

Jacob and Johanna Tamble home at 208 Nelson Ave. in Brandon.

The family is sitting on the little porch that opened into the kitchen on the SE corner of the house.  It led into an inner porch that went into the kitchen or into a dining room with a bay window.  In the mid 50s, the ground floor of this house was changed to accommodate a downstairs residence and two apartments upstairs.  Stairways in the house, one in the front hall and one in the back, gave access to the two apartments.  Mr. & Mrs. Frank Carlson converted it into the apartments, at which time the garage as added to the north east side of the house and was built from lumber salvaged from the demolition of the barn that was near the alley. The little porch at the back of the house, was removed to give entrance to the one-stall garage. 

Tambles owned a General Store building in 1912 until 1915, when it became property of Brandon State Bank, and much later it was sold to Holmgren and Christenson who ran the store until Roy Christenson was killed in China in a plane crash.  The property included the whole lot from Front Street to the alley, and a part of the property is the site of the present Brandon Post office. 

Jacob Tamble owned a furniture store that was located on the west side of Central Avenue at approximately the northern edge of Knotty Pine property.  The Tamble family also owned other properties in Brandon.

The following sad story about James Tamble came from The Park Region Echo, 8 Oct. 1914 and also is on the Find A Grave website:


Saturday, January 1, 2022

Casper Pehan with his horses and buggy

Casper Pehan with his horses and buggy in the winter in Brandon.  He is just in his shirt sleeves with no jacket, so it would not have been a winter like we are having now.  Casper ran a Cafe in Brandon from 1912 until 1928. At some point he sold it to the Rogney family.  In later years it was owned by the Courrier family.  The Cafe burned to the ground in 1942 while the Courriers owned it.  This Cafe was located approximately where the bank drive through and the parking space next to the Brandon City Office is now.  Casper Started the Kamp Kappy Resort in 1928.

The Rogney family while they ran the Cafe

To the  left is the Meat Market. In the center is the burned-out cafe. To the right is the Schelin store where the present Brandon City Office is located.  To the rear is the old water tower.

To the left is the Meat Market.  In the center is the burned-out cafe.  To the right is the Schelin store where the present Brandon City Office is located.  To the rear you can see the Brandon Auditorium.