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Oldest Diner picture discovered by William Buhrmaster on Ebay

This is the oldest photo of the diner found by William Buhmaster on ebay.
The first name of this dining car was Chippewa Dining Car. 

Notice the Grain Belt Beer Sign.

 Frank Goering's Standard Station 

with the Jacob and Hortulana home in the background. 

This photo shows Frank Goering at the Standard Station
 with the diner in the background.

This photo was taken from on top of the grain elevator. It shows the entire layout of  Chippewa Church, the Goering family home, the Standard Station and the Heals Chippewa Dining Car.

This photo was taken on the end of the railroad observation car. The only two people here that can be positively identified are Hortulana and Christella Goering. Mrs. Carrie called me(Christella) "Sweetie Pie" and gave me ice cream every time that I came to visit.

Annette Evju posing by the Diner billboard. Her father was one of the operators.

Melvin and Mary Debilzan were famous for their turtle dinners. 

Melvin DeBilzan with son Dick and a deer.
 Notice the Groceries sign in the windows.
Notice the Hamm's and Schlitz Beer signs

Jim and Lola (Betterton) Hitler

Starlite Bar and Grill shortly before it was torn down. 

 West Central Concrete is presently in this location. 

The Oldest Diner picture was discovered by William Buhrmaster on Ebay. 

Jacob Goering was the Brandon railroad depot agent in 1935 when Jacob and Hortulana Goering purchased the railroad observation and dining car. It was a Great Northern car from Jackson Street in St. Paul.  A special "rig" was hired to move the car from the railroad tracks to its new location east of Frank Goering's Standard Station.  Its new location was about a half block east from the intersection of Highway 82 and County Road 7.  The first name of this dining car was Chippewa Dining Car and they advertised soft drinks and lunches.  At the beginning there was a Grain Belt Beer sign displayed.  In later years we notice Hamm's and Schlitz beer signs.  At one time the establishment also sold groceries, which was apparent from the window signs.  Over the years all of the owners and operators were known for their good food.  Some of these included the Heals, Floyd Engle, Mrs. Carrie(Cary),  Walt Miller in 1946, Jake Lutterman in 1958, John Koep in 1962,  Orren Christopherson in 1968, Jerry Hughes, Gil Evju, Louie Kapphahn, Melvin and Mary DeBilzan, Victor and Pauline Dorsch, Earl and; Ardis Olson, Robert Lund and Jim & Lola (Betterton) Hirtler,   Jim Anderson ran a pizza place here also.  In 1944 a house was added to the back.  Later two more additions were made to include a kitchen, bar and seating area. At this point the train car was moved out. Does anyone know what happened to it? The Brandon Inn  was the name when Jim and Lola (Betterton) Hirtler took over.  They changed the name to the Starlite Bar and Grill which it was until January 1975.  Lola Hirtler was the last person who operated this eating place.  Les and Peggy Okerlund purchased the building in 1984 and it stood vacant until March of 1989 when Bob and Karen Thoennes, current owners of the Standard Station purchased it and torn it down.  West Central Concrete is now at that location. Some of this information comes from the Brandon 125th Celebration History book and an article written by Joyce Bock published in the West Douglas County Record.