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Foshay Tower star relocated to Brandon

You can also view the video by going to utubeslackpaintingfoshaytower

Foshay Tower star now shines in Brandon Tom Slack has reached great heights in his work, literally. Slack Painting was chosen to paint the antenna mast on the Foshay Tower, now known as W Minneapolis - The Foshay hotel, built in 1929. When he was on the 160-foot tower, which gives the building a total height of 607 feet, he noticed a huge red, lighted star he would have to remove to complete the project. After removing the aluminum star the people who asked him to paint the tower said he could have it as they didn’t want it back up . “The star came down in pieces. Getting it down was not too bad. We had to put a pulley above it, tied a couple of different spots and ran a rope down the building,” said Slack. The star was guided down the tower until it hit the roof where it was disassembled on an 8x8 foot platform. The lighted, red star is now displayed on the Slack Painting building in Brandon. Slack said the star came apart rather easily. He said new bolts were needed to hold it together but everything else is original.

West Douglas County Record  December 10, 2015

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Wilbur Hopfner Barber Shop Brandon MN

 This picture is signed by Larry Anderson.  Can you tell us who the boy is or approximately when this picture was taken?

Theodore Johnson  from Evansville getting a haircut. 

 Does anyone know what year this might have been? 

Dave Thompson is getting a haircut here in 1994.

 Side view of the barber shop on Front Street. Can you see the old Lumber Yard down the street and off to the left?

 Front View of the barber shop. The barber shop was on the left and the living quarters on the right. 

 Doug Hopfner playing in the side yard. Can you see the Brandon Creamery in the back to the left of the picture?

Interior view of Wilbur's Barber Shop.

 Can anyone tell us who this photo is of and approximately what year it might have been?

 Clint Moe getting special treatment from barber Wilbur Hopfner.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thank you to those serving our country past and present !

Memorial Day 1953 in Brandon MN

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bountiful Corn and Soybean Harvest right here in Brandon MN

In the grain bags pictured, there is approximately 80,000  bushels of soybeans
 and 170,000 bushels of corn.

Between J. B. Tractors and Douglas County Highway Department 

Pro Ag grain bags side view along Highway # 82

Across the street from Pro Ag and next door to Hilltop Lumber

In the lot next to the Slack building there is 80,000 bushels of soybeans.

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Charles Rosengren owned 1st car in Brandon MN

Charles Rosengren lived in the house that used to be directly east of Brandon High School  from 1908 - 1917. Some years later the house burned to the ground. 

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Remembering Joan Fjoslien

The members of the Brandon History Center, the Brandon City Council, the residents and so many visitors are so grateful to Joan for her generous donation and support of the Brandon History Center.  She was the force that helped us to get started. Joan was a constant provider of encouragement. May she rest in peace. 

Obituary for Joan Fjoslien

Joan Carol Erdahl Fjoslien died at Bethany on the morning of September 26, 2015 at the age of 80 years. On Thursday, September 24, 2015, Joan was asked about going to class at the Alex Technical College. She wrote “Absolutely I’m going to class. I feel PERFECT but have to struggle to stay awake.” Bethany Home in Alexandria became Joan’s home in March of 2006.

Joan was born on December 20, 1934, in Morris, Minnesota the daughter of Agnes (Sather) and Peter I. Erdahl. Joan was baptized on December 29, 1934, by Rev. Sverre Torgerson. Her Godparents were Aunt Mabel Sather and Uncle Richard Erdahl. Joan’s Christian Education was at Kongsvinger Lutheran Church at Donnelly, MN where she was confirmed by Rev. Alfred Sevig on August 28, 1949.

Joan’s education was at District #42, at Alberta School, and she graduated from Morris High School in 1953. Joan continued her education at Moorhead State College completing her BS degree. Joan taught third grade in Elbow Lake Elementary School from 1955-1958. In 1958, Joan taught at Whittier School in Austin, Minnesota and finished her teaching career in the Alexandria Public Schools teaching at Lincoln, Washington and Garfield Schools. Joan retired from teaching in 1991.
Joan married David Owen Fjoslien at Kongsvinger Lutheran Church on December 26, 1965 on her parents wedding anniversary. They purchased the Fjoslien family farm at Brandon that they operated until Dave’s death in December of 2004. Their home was then donated to a family through Habitat for Humanity to a family in need.
Joan was involved and gave generously to many organizations with her time and donations. Joan was involved with various churches, fishing organizations, food shelves, historical societies, local charities, musical organization, nursing homes, pet programs, schools, teaching opportunities and other organizations of interest to herself or those she knew.
Joan was preceded in death by her husband, Dave; infant brother, James Howard, parents: Agnes & Peter Erdahl.
Mrs. Fjoslien is survived by her sister-in-law. Lucille Fjoslien of San Francisco, CA; cousins: Russell (Eileen) Sather, Barbara (Bernie) Jahn, Carol Sather, Mick (Trish) Sather, Jim Sather, Barry Sather, Bonnie (Don) Sevre, Dorothy (Mike) Perry, Helen (John) Eidem, Betty Hilyard, Evelyn Rice, Bob Erdahl, Jean Gayle MacCallum, Donna Isabelle (Tracy) Black, Jim (Basha) MacCallum, Leland (Elva) Erdahl, Lois Mac McMillan and Bev Erdahl. Blessed be her memory.  

Memorial service will be held on Friday, October 2, 2015, 1:00 PM at Bethany Home Chapel in Alexandria.  Burial will be at the Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery in Little Falls. 

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A Family Legacy - David and JoAnne Otto

It’s been 109 years and the David and JoAnne Otto farm still remains a family legacy. In 1906, JoAnne’s grandfather, Albert Lehn, moved to the land and started a dairy farm. 

Albert’s sons Otto and Bernard Lehn both ran the farm and passed it on to JoAnne and her husband David Otto of Garfield.

David and JoAnne have four children, Brian, Brad, Stacy and Stef. Brad is currently the only child that lives on the now 68 acre farm and takes care of 54 beef cows. The other three children visit often.

JoAnne said the children want to keep the farm in the family; it’s just a matter of who will take over next.

The barn and house have been on the property since JoAnne’s grandfather, Albert, moved there. Both buildings have seen renovations and have been added on to.

Because it used to be a dairy farm, David used to milk up to 60 cows. “I learned there’s life after milking,” he joked. It is now mostly a crop farm.

Along with cattle and corn, the Ottos also raise peacocks.

The couple has lived on the property for 49 years. “Bought it when we got married,” David explained.

David not only farmed for nearly 50 years, but also volunteered for the Leaf Valley Fire Department for 40 years and teaches gun safety.

David and JoAnne joke that her job for many years was to haul the kids around.

“We couldn’t move if we wanted to,” JoAnne said with a laugh.


The Minnesota State Fair and Minnesota Farm Bureau recognized 221 Minnesota farms as 2015 Century Farms.

Qualifying farms have been in continuous family ownership for at least 100 years and are 50 acres or more. 

 From WDAY/WDAZ First News July 2015

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Millerville Butter Days 2015

Cindy Terwilliger 1st place butter carving

Doug Schaffer 2nd place butter carving

Bernadine Schiele Grand Marshall

Blonde and Bohunk

2015 Millerville Butter Days

American Legion

Bentley Quinn kids games

Bob's Backhoe

Brandon Fire Department

Claire Boesl  girls glove winner

Face Painting

Judy Kelly balloon artist

Kids bounce house

Kids pedal pull

Kids pedal pull

Kids pedal pull

Millerville Creamery

Millerville Fire Department

Parade Unit

Pig races

Pig races

Sydnee Byrne singer of the National Anthem

Tablet winner Jon Dingwall