Monday, April 18, 2016

The Scoop and Grind is now open in Brandon MN

The new coffee and ice cream shop has opened next door to the Post Office and Etc. Sign and Aparrel.  The Scoop and Grind is owned by Laura Piehl who comes to us from Montgomery MN.  We have never had a shop like this in all the history of Brandon.  Be sure to stop in and check it out. 

 Laura Piehl is the owner and operator of the shop. 

 Lisa McKinnon is her capable assistant.

 There is a wide variety of teas to try out. 

 Cute signs grace the walls.

 Cookies, rolls, muffins and pies move out so fast that Laura is kept busy baking new ones. This means that all the baked goods are really fresh.  Many flavors of ice cream  beg for you to try them. 

 Antique items can be seen everywhere.

 Customers  of all ages enjoy this shop.

 Wonderful flavors of coffee and always freshly brewed. 

 Some gift items are available.

 Ladies enjoying their coffee in fancy tea cups.  What fun !

 There is seating for all ages. 

You are able to reserve space for your special events. 

You can sit outside to eat your ice cream or drink your coffee. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Amber Lund Practitioner of Healing Arts, Brandon MN

Amber started her business in 2003 and moved to a new location in February of 2015. She is now in her beautiful new suite at 104 Central Ave. North in Brandon.  This is one section in the newly remodeled old Hardware Hank building.  The building was purchased by Tony Moundson who has done a superb job of up-grading and remodeling the building. 

 Amber Lund

Stop in to visit Amber.  You will love what you see.  We are so lucky to have Amber here in Brandon. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

ETC Signs and Apparel have moved to a new location.

ETC Signs and Apparel have moved across the street.  They are now next to the Brandon Post Office in the old Hardware Hank building, which has been purchases by Tony Moundson.  Tony has done a great job of up-grading, remodeling and creating a building that houses several businesses. 

Stop in and take a look for yourself. You will love what you see. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Douglas County Community Fair 1923-24 held at Chippewa Park

Bud Greenquist wrote a complete history of the Douglas County Fair which can be seen at the Brandon History Center