Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bow Fishing Near Brandon


Bow fishing is one of the most rapidly growing hunting sports.  The concept is very simple; obtain an inexpensive basic bow, put a fishing reel on it with a special fish arrow, obtain a fishing license, and go shoot carp or any other of the legal rough fish that are very common in our waterways.  Sounds very simple and it is, once you figure out how to hit something that is not where it appears to be.  Because of the refraction of the water,  the fish is always lower than it appears unless it is near the surface.  Most beginners will get very frustrated when they first start the sport until they figure out how to compensate for the refraction.  Once that is accomplished,  the sport is very fun and, indeed very addicting.  Don McGaffey and his sons, Patrick and Christian have been bow fishing for four years now and thoroughly enjoy the sport. They can commonly be found along local streams and on local lakes peering into the water for their quarry.  June is the best month of the year as this is when the carp are spawning and can be frequently found packed into streams or right up tight to the lakeshores in very shallow water, making them easier targets. The fish they shoot do not go to waste.  They get sold to a company in Alexandria that makes snapping turtle food out of them.  It is not legal to leave them along the shore or dump them in ditches or anywhere else that the smell of rotting fish would be offensive.  The fish can also be very impressive in size.  Buffalo and common carp can frequently exceed twenty pounds and thirty pounders are fairly common.  The average fish is around ten pounds.  While no bow fisherman has  any notion that the sport is going to rid the waters of rough fish,  it is one small way to help reduce the population, one fish at a time, while enjoying some excellent family time and some excitement and fun.

Monday, June 24, 2013