Monday, November 6, 2017

Elsie Lorsung Kapphahn 1904 - 1970

Elsie was the daughter of Joseph and Mary Butula Lorsung.  She had a sister Florence Lorsung McClintock and two brothers, Walter and James.  As a small child she was sitting on a stool and her mom was helping her to tie her shoes.  Elsie fell backwards off the stool and broke her back.  This was a problem for Elsie the rest of her life.  Elsie spent most of her adult life as a telephone operator in Brandon.

Elsie was a beautiful young woman. She always loved wearing hats. She has a serious look on her face in this professional photo, but in real life she had a smile on her face at all times.  Photo courtesy Mary and Mark Cariveau - Ann and Nick Combs.  Recently Mary and Ann, who are great-grandaughters Jacob Tamble, came to visit the Brandon History Center. Jacob Tamble was one of the earliest residents of Brandon.  

This is the Central Office where Elsie worked for many years.  She started here in the late 1920s.  She retired from Gardonville Telphone Company in 1968.  The gal standing is Hildegard Stariha Loeffler.  The sitting gal is Gertrude Stariha Loeffler.  The gentleman is Carl Bolin.  Photo courtesy of Austin Loeffler.

Elsie  Kapphahn and Hazel Meyers working at the new Gardonville Telephone Office on Central Avenue, Brandon MN early 1950s.  Photo courtesy Florence McClintock

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