Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christy Lorsung celebrates his 100th birthday.

Chris Lorsung with Chris Korkowski of the Brandon History Center. 

Christy has been an extremely valuable resource to the Brandon History Center giving us information about church, school, business, family and rural life in the Millerville area. At 100 years of age, Christy is as sharp as ever. He is currently the cribbage champion at Wind Mill Ponds.  Millervile history items that Chris donated can be seen on display at the Brandon History Center. 

   Christy creating a map of streets with homes and businesses in Millerville. 

The Lorsung Family  Kay, Mildred, August, Rose, Swede(Anthony), Chris, Andy, Nick, Katherine and J.P. Lorsung

Christy Lorsung and his late wife Cordelia Dobmeyer Lorsung

Christy Lorsung in 1954 with a 24 pound Northern Pike

Happy 100th Birthday Christy !

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