Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wilbur Hopfner Barber Shop Brandon MN

 This picture is signed by Larry Anderson.  Can you tell us who the boy is or approximately when this picture was taken?

Theodore Johnson  from Evansville getting a haircut. 

 Does anyone know what year this might have been? 

Dave Thompson is getting a haircut here in 1994.

 Side view of the barber shop on Front Street. Can you see the old Lumber Yard down the street and off to the left?

 Front View of the barber shop. The barber shop was on the left and the living quarters on the right. 

 Doug Hopfner playing in the side yard. Can you see the Brandon Creamery in the back to the left of the picture?

Interior view of Wilbur's Barber Shop.

 Can anyone tell us who this photo is of and approximately what year it might have been?

 Clint Moe getting special treatment from barber Wilbur Hopfner.

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