Friday, August 15, 2014

Two authors spent time at the Brandon History Center during Brandon Summer Fest 2014

Gabe Pipo with the book that he authored

Legend of the Hills


Dennis Tuel and Lynn Murray

with the books that Dennis authored

An Entrepreneurial Life Journey 


Collateralizing Accounts Receivable


Gabe Pipo, Brad Lund and Jon Toft

Dennis Tuel, Bob Olson and Marsha Tuel

Eleanor Norling and  Gabe Pipo

Gabe Pipo, Dennis Tuel, Kenny Bettermann and Marsha Tuel

Gabe Pipo, Theresa Lehn and  Karen Thoennes

Gabe Pipo, Dennis Tuel, Marsha Tuel and  Dennis Korkowski


Shirley Larson, Harry Kruize, Mae Eichelberger and  Gabe Pipo


Janet Nelson and Gabe Pipo

Marsha Tuel and Jerry Glisky

Brad Lund, Gabe and Diane Pipo

Mae Eichelberger and Gabe Pipo


Paul Johnson, Gabe Pipo and Dennis Tuel

Marsha Tuel, Dennis Korkowski and Joyce Shea

Gabe Pipo, MaryAnn Ostlund and Shirley Larson

Muriel and Arnie DeBilzan with Dennis Tuel

Myron Severson and Gabe Pipo

Dennis and Marsha Tuel with Kenny Bettermann

Robert Lambus, Shirley Larson and Gabe Pipo

Gabe Pipo with a co-worker from many years ago when they were members of the

Douglas County Sheriff Department 

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