Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Visiting with Hulda Rossum during the Brandon Summerfest

Lois Smedstad, Lucille Fjoslien, Jean Johnson
Bob Ostlund in the doorway
Hulda's family picture and samples of her art work

Janet Nelson,  Hulda Rossum
Hulda Rossum,  Norma Scherrer
Hulda Rossum, Rita Plaster,  Kathy Thoennes
Jared, Tammy Lund, Hulda Rossum
Lois Erickson, Claudia Carlson West
Chris Korkowski,  Hulda Rossum
Lois Smedstad,  Hulda Rossum
Lynn, Hulda Rossum
Mary Rossum, Sherry Morical, Hulda Rossum
Maryann Ostlund,  Hulda Rossum
Millie,  Don Bitzan
Nancy Gulbrandon
Sherry, Todd, Nolan Morical,  Hulda Rossum
Virgie Morical,  Hulda Rossum
Diann Guenther,  Hulda Rossum

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