Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Muriel " Book Signing August 6, 2011

Joanna Sandbo Engstrom author of the book "Muriel" along with Muriel Olson Kappler. 
 In the back is  Chris Korkowski  of the Brandon History Center.

Muriel  Kappler & Audrey Lerum

Lila Bergh & Joanna Engstrom

Dolly Thompson, Ruth Plaster, Joanna Engstrom & Muriel Kappler

Murial Kappler & Carol Severson
Dean Plaster, Joanna & Muriel

Joanna, Carol Severson, Murial & Myron Severson

History Center Visitors

Joanna, Muriel, Rita & Darold Plaster
Muriel Kappler & Dolly Thompson

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